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Portugal is so much more than the sea and beach.


CASA COLINA and CASA FERRADOR  are in Central Portugal,more specifically in BEIRA-BAIXA.
That is the area between the highest mountains"Serra da Estrela" and the Spanisch border(Extramadura).
By the influence of Serra da Estrela we have here always a pleasant climate,with long dry summers and short mild winters.
Penamacor is 5 km from us,there you can find a supermarket,banks,bars,restaurants,sportcentrum,a hospital and much more.
In this surounding there is no sea or beach,but we have the beautiful nature with forest and lakes.



Casa Colina is situated in Aldeia do Bispo and belong to Penamacor.
It's just a feeling as you come back in the past.Anyway,you can find here everything what you need.
Every occasion is a opportunity to celebrate,thats 'folklore'.
In the nearest surrounding is "Monsanto"Thats a very old village,where the small houses are build around the granite rocks.The next village is "Penha Garcia"You can see a lot of 'fossils'in the rocks,and you can walk on plenty hiking tricks .In "Meimoa" it's nice to swim in the beautiful lake.

In "Sabugal"you can visite a beautiful castle.
Castelo Branco has a large open swimmingpool (3000m2) and a old nice garden (Jardim)
Covilha is the starting point to traverse Serra da Estrela (Skiing is possible during wintertime)
Penamacor have a open and covered swimmingpool,tennis and all sports accomodation
Hikers are attrack to visit the reserved nature area "Serra de Malcata",the lynkx still living there.

Portugal has nice roads.We dont have here car files.
If you come by airplane,take Lisboa or Porto,and from Spain you can take Madrid(it's almost the same time to reach us)

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